Plan line 2016 International Seminar on Indigenous Counseling Psychology: Culture-Inclusive Counseling Psychology
Advised by
Ministry of Education.  R.O.C.
Ministry of Science and Technology. R.O.C.
Ministry of Health and Welfare. R.O.C.
     Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association.
     Teacher Chang Foundation.
     National Changhua University of Education
         Department of Guidance & Counseling.
        Indigenous Counseling Psychology Research and Development Center
         Chinese Career Research Center
      Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center Hostel
     Division of Counselling Psychology Hong Kong Psychological Society
      MACAU University of Science and Technology.
      MACAU Psychology Association
Shang-hai senior high school Counseling Association
      Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
      New Era college, Malaysia
      Fujian Psychological Society
      Chinese Psychological Society
      Japanese school psychologist society
      Korean Counseling Society
Conference Date
2016/08/02~2016/08/04, 3 Days
Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center Hostel
Address: No.101, ZhongZheng Road, RiYue Village, YuChi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The origins of conference
   The counseling psychology originates from the West. Theconference  held by the Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association (TGCA) and the Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology association at National Taiwan University on September 2014 brought the social psychologists and counseling psychologists together to think about the inherent differences between Western culture and Eastern culture. Is there any indigenous or localized elements needed in counseling methods? Therefore, the TGCA launches this conference to explore and merge Eastern and Asian cultures for scholars in this field and counseling psychologists around the world.
The topics of conference
    The “culture-inclusive theories” can explain thementalities in particular cultures.  This conference explores and emerges related research and practical issues in Eastern and Asian culture.
Organizing  Committee
               Honorable Chairs
                              Kwang-Kuo Hwang
                              Te-Tsung Chang
                              Yen-Kuang Kuo


Zhi-Hong Wang


                              Hui-Lan Hsiu

Yung-Jong Shiah

                   Deputy Secretary-General
                             JUNG-HSIEN HSUN
                             Yueh-Ting Lee

Conference includes:
1. Conference Workshop
We focus on recent important topics of counseling psychology. Inviting professional speakers with practical experience in related regions to host workshops.
2. Keynote Speeches
3. Oral presentation

We are welcome professions of counseling psychology, teacher-counselors, counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists, professors and students from related departments of universities as well as other related professional helpers.